School Travel Plan


A School Travel Plan is a living document belonging to the school. It is revisited regularly in order to update the status of Action Plan items and to incorporate future Evaluation findings.

School travel planning goals

  • Reduce vehicular congestion and increase child pedestrian safety at the school site
  • Address driving behaviour at Spratt & Goldeneye
  • Increase awareness of students, parents, and staff on benefits of active travel.
  • Increase active school travel on the school journey


Key goals for our school

Based on the Baseline Classroom and Family Survey findings (conducted in 2013), this school’s key goals in order to assist the health and well-being of our students and families are:

  1. Work towards infrastructure improvements on-site
  2. Hold events celebrating active journeys to and from school
  3. Educate students on pedestrian safety
  4. Educate drivers on safe behaviour around school sites
  5. Increase in-class active travel components



Objective 1: Encourage more students/families to walk or cycle to and from school
Objective 2: Improve the safety of children en route to and from school
Objective 3: Communicate changes and updates resulting from School Travel Planning initiatives
Objective 4: Complete all data collection

School Travel Plan

  • School Travel Plan


  • Letter from SMPS to Councillor Desroches - November 20, 2013

  • Letter from Councillor Desroches to SMPS - December 9, 2013

  • Letter from SMPS to Councillor Qaqish - March 12, 2015

For further details please contact our Travel Plan Coordinator.