In 2012, the Steve MacLean school community began a partnership with Featherston Drive Public School – we became sister schools. What exactly does this mean? It means that we have built a lasting connection between our school councils, our administration and most importantly, our students.

While the relationship began as an opportunity to provide material supports to their school, the partnership has grown to be so much more. Here is a list of what our school has accomplished in the last two years, highlighting the benefits of this connection:

  • we learned from their experiences with full day kindergarten
  • they provided guidance to our staff based on their experiences in their autism program
  • we supported them in clothing drives
  • we sponsored field trips and workshops for their students through monies raised from our spring Walk-a-Thon fundraiser
  • we hosted friendly sporting matches and learned from each other’s experiences hosting our annual school musicals.


This school year we hope to do even more by organizing pen pals, hosting a winter carnival and even a cricket match!

Thanks to the creativity of our students, the partnership now has a name. This fall we asked the students to reflect on what the partnership meant to them and to come up with a name for this wonderful initiative. We are now called “The FeatherStars” and have a catchy motto as well “Light as a feather, bright as a star”.

To learn more about the current and future initiatives, please see the Steve MacLean and Featherston Drive PowerPoint presentation.

If you have new ideas on how we can continue to grow this wonderful partnership or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us at

The FeatherStars – Light as a feather, bright as a star.