Member Bios



Dayna Robinson


Dayna has been a resident of Riverside South for 17 years and has two children attending Steve MacLean PS.  She has been on Parent Council for 5 years and has engaged the school with a pro active awareness about the Hearing Impaired Community (Dress Loud Day) and School Travel Planning (School Crossing/Drop Off Safety).  Dayna and her family have run a yearly fundraiser for CHEO which has raised in excess of $375,000 with the funds allocated towards needed hospital equipment. She enjoys collaborating with others and the process in making a difference within our school and surrounding community.



Lynn Vanasse


Lynn has been a resident of Riverside South for 13 years and has two children attending Steve MacLean PS. She has always enjoyed volunteering whenever possible in the classroom and on field trips and started taking an active role in helping the SMPS council in June of 2016 by taking on the maintenance of the school gardens. Last year, she also volunteered to update school staff and parents each morning on ice conditions at the local outdoor rink during skating season and to post the daily school announcements on the council’s Facebook page. This is Lynn’s first time being a member of the School Council and her goal this year is to work collaboratively with fellow Co-Chair Dayna Robinson and all council members to increase parent attendance numbers at council meetings, raise awareness of council initiatives, and promote parent volunteer opportunities.



Anke Adams


Resident of Riverside South for over 14 years, parent to two children and community volunteer whenever an opportunity arises.  A member of the SMPS School Council for five consecutive years, serving as Secretary, Chair and now Treasurer.   As Treasurer, I commit to preparing and maintaining accurate financial records and reports, and ensure transparency of incoming and outgoing school council funds.  I look forward to representing the school in this capacity.



Communications Coordinator/Webmaster

Bilyana Anicic, a long-time resident of the Riverside South community, joined the Steve MacLean Parent Council two years ago in a Communications Coordinator/Webmaster role. An Enterprise Architect and active volunteer with The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), where she serves on the Board of Directors, Bilyana brings to the Council a passion for information management, effective communications and stakeholder engagement. In her role on the Council, Bilyana is hoping to improve communication with and the engagement of the parent community by improving council’s web presence.



Pizza Lady

Sarah has lived in Riverside South for more than 12 years. She has previously served as a Board Member for a local Cooperative Nursery School, and she decided to join the Steve MacLean School Council now that both of her children attend the school. In addition to being a Leader of a local Sparks (Girl Guides of Canada) group, Sarah strives to be involved in the school lives of her children. Sarah is confident that being part of School Council will complement her involvement within the community.



Monica Coyne


Monica Coyne joined the Steve MacLean Parent Council as secretary this year after attending meetings and volunteering at school council activities over the last few years. A resident of the Riverside South community for over 10 years, Monica is also the Ottawa Chapter Chair of VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children and has experience with the Ottawa Carleton Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). She believes that Riverside South community has something special and that our schools are the foundation as our community continues to grow.



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Shawna-Marie Girn


Shawna-Marie is a proud mother of three children at Steve MacLean, in grades 2, 4, and 5. She considers it a joy and a privilege to be involved in their school life. She has been the Volunteer Coordinator on the council for the past four years as well as a regular volunteer with their teachers, and for one year worked as a Lunchtime Monitor where she got to meet and befriend many of the students. Outside of school she coaches her kid’s softball teams, and volunteers her time wherever else it is needed. Her goal every year is to get one more new face out to the council meetings, and to encourage many more parents to become involved in whatever way they can. She is grateful and thankful for her regular volunteer parents who devote their time willingly, and in turn make her job that much more enjoyable. Shawna-Marie looks forward to the years ahead with her hard working and committed council members.



OCASC Representative



Volunteer Coordinator

Heather has three children at SMPS and enjoys volunteering in the school. She is active in her children’s classrooms, helps weekly the pizza coordinator and co-organizes the school’s used book sale in the fall. Last year, Heather joined Council as Parent-At-Large and looks forward to working with parent volunteers in her new role.